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NotRealTwitter clone

before bubble with new design, i found for notrealtwitter clone. is it now deleted?

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Hello there, @codkod!

To answer your question you have, the NotRealTwitter is still up and running! No it did not get deleted, it still works. The only thing is people aren’t that active on it, but that’s alright.

And if you were wondering what the link for the NotRealTwitter is, then I can easily help you out by having you click on the link I am going to provide below.

Link to NotRealTwitter:

Edit: And sorry for the delayed reply to your question!

Thanks for asking the question!


Bubble used to have the video and link on their homepage, but sadly with the re-design its no longer present. It was useful in demoing the power of Bubble I thought. Maybe time for a replacement clone :smile:

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Personally, I find the templates over at zeroqode to be a much, much better example of what Bubble can do than the NotRealTwitter. They have a much nicer design and more functionality. I tend to point potential clients at their templates so they can see that Bubble makes legit stuff.

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@andrewgassen I do agree with that statement. As you said, zeroqode pretty much always has a better design, and templates from zeroqode look more professional, and they tend to have a lot more features. But sometimes it’s good to have a different design, and a different type of features, and things like that.

That is true, design and functionality wise Zeroqode are creating some beautiful and interesting apps/templates. But I did like the demo NotRealTwitter video on the old Bubble homepage as it demonstrated the power of the logic in the Bubble Editor that was relatable. Hopefully they can replace with another app as a short video to capture this building process.