Reset a group/popup no longer working (skill issues?)

I’ve submitted this as a bug, but maybe I’m not the only one? Maybe it’s sheer skill issue?

In the live version resetting resets the value of its children input and multi dropdowns.
In dev, it doesn’t.
The biggest difference is that I’ve moved a big portion of that page into a reusable.

LIVE behavior
2024-03-04 15.55.47

TEST behavior
2024-03-04 15.56.07

Hi @rico.trevisan
if you do your best at this point and can use pure js to perform that .

The problem is now solved. I think it was a Bubble hiccup. The day after I reported this bug, I looked at the workflow and it was empty.

I rebuild it and it’s working now.


By the way, I’ve been mainlining so much js because of work on plugins that I ended up biting the bullet and learning how to code proper. Even bought the domain

So now I’ve got yet another side project that I can abandon.

@23cubed by the way, these Multiselect Dropdown from Bubble. I’m sure the other selectJS based plugins can do an even better job.

Also, I’m using Firefox on a macOS; maybe it has something to do with it.

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