Reset data in a reusable element not working


I am having trouble resetting data in a reusable element.

I am using a repeating group to display records and on click of a record a reusable element is triggered and data sent to a floating group within the reusable element.

When I trigger the workflow for the first time it works as expected. But when I hide the reusable element and trigger the workflow subsequently the same data appears in the element even though I have selected a different record

I have set the following workflow to send parent groups data to the reusable element. As you can see the first action is to reset the data in the reusable element:

I also have reset actions on the floating element within the reusable element when it is closed:

For clarity, the reusable element is called OKR Chat and the floating group is called Floating Group Objective chat.

I have tried setting a state and then sending the state value as data but this has the same result, works like a charm first time but subsequently triggering the workflow displays the same data.

Is there something I am missing? Has anyone else experienced issues like this?



In the reset inputs action try choosing the specific input needed. “When input X is not empty”. If more than one action is needed consider adding them as needed.

The idea is to reset inputs first and display data to them right after in the same flow :grinning:

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