Reset Inputs not working, bug?

I have built a messaging app. When it was first built the reset inputs step of the workflow did work, but not it doesn’t. I changed it from inputs to group and back again just to see if it works but it didnt.

See the video? is this a bug? I dont understand.

im not sure if its a bug, can you show the workflow
i reset inputs here works fine

@ben4 Works in our tests too but test in step-by-step in debugger if you get the same behavior. This will show you if the conditions for resetting inputs is being met when you click button

Hey Neerja & Beau,

When running the workflow in step-by-step mode it does work, but when going back to run mode it doesnt again, see video.

here is a video showing workflow in the builder:

@ben4 Thanks for the video - it is very helpful. Please submit a bug report with your app link and we’ll investigate

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