Reset password function not working

Hello all, it appears that the reset password screen from the link in the email is not working or I’m doing something wrong. It seems fairly straightforward. I have a “forgot password?” button on my login screen that the user can click. It then takes them to a pop up to enter their email address and then click a submit button. On button click, the resetpw email is sent to them. On clicking the link in that email, it goes to the generic bubble reset pw module where they can enter a new pw and enter it again to confirm but then clicking the Confirm button does nothing. I’ve tried it myself using a dummy account and it does nothing for me either. Their email address and mine are in the user database and while I had “password policy” switched on, it still doesn’t work even when I switch that off. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

Check this :slight_smile:

Thanks artemheg. I’ll have a read and let you know. Much appreciated.

The answer is simple. Your Confirm button does nothing because there is no WF connected to it by default in Bubble.

I followed that thread and it’s working now. I was under the impression that it was a standalone module from Bubble so I couldn’t touch it but now I understand that it’s a page on my site so I needed to assign a WF. Every day is a school day! Thanks a million for your help, Artemzheg. Much appreciated. Have a great day!

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