Reset Password not working - what?


I’m not sure why it does not work when asked to send an user a password reset e-mail. The e-mail arrives with the link to reset_pw default bubble page.


However when new password is written on the input fields ‘confirm’ button doesn’t appear to be clickable or even to submit anything, doesn’t matter lenght or the format of the password.

Any ideas on what I’m missing here?

Thanks alot.

Hi there, @jairocbastos… the first question that comes to mind is does the confirm button have a workflow associated with it? If you are using Bubble’s reset_pw page, then it should have a workflow, but you never know, so that seems like a good place to start.


Hi @mikeloc. Yes it does have a workflow associated because it is Bubble’s reset_pw… However I’m using social login for this instance, maybe something to do with it?

BTW, I don’t have any WFs on default reset_pw page in new apps. This is recently created one:

And there’ve been some posts on the forum about it, too. For example:


Hey man @artemzheg thanks for the short reply. In fact didn’t knew that by default it was like that. See ya

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Come to think of it, @artemzheg, I was in a similar thread recently, too. Definitely seems like a bigger issue here… I will submit a bug report.


Thanks also @mikeloc

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FYI for the folks in this thread… and I am guessing I will be linking to this reply given that others are likely to be tripped up by what I am about to share.

The response to my bug report is that it is expected behavior that the Confirm button on the reset_pw page does not have a workflow associated with it. I am certain (or at least as certain as I can be) that it used to have a workflow associated with it, and I think existing users are going to find out the hard way that it doesn’t for new apps.

Anyway, I let Bubble support know that I don’t think my bug report is the last they are going to hear on the matter, and I wanted to circle back in this thread with the answer.


Yep, reset_pw page used to have 2 working by default WFs:

This is a screenshot for an app created somewhere in 2020-2021