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I have been banging my head for 4 hours now, trying to figure out how to reset the placeholder on a dropdown menu after pressing a button. It does not respond to “reset data” or “reset inputs”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately that did not do what I am looking to do. I am currently using states, but it seems when a popup pushes a state then closes, it doesn’t matter if I write to that state again, the conditional statement in my group (or dropdown) doesn’t re-write itself accordingly. It’s like the placeholder literally never wants to change unless I reload the page. I have verified the states change, but not the placeholder text.

Any other ideas?

Hmm, can you create a gif for a better understanding or tell me step by step the workflow?

1- when a pop up is opened> set state dropdown>
2- when a button clicked> …

Hello Ambar,

OK I have lost it lol. I unlocked my app. It’s very rough (still very much in the building stage). I will relock it once this issue is figured out. I have some crazy feeling there is some type issue. I can’t even use the reset button to reset the dropdown. I also have a conditional statement on the dropdown that should trigger when “Create new contact” is pressed, it is supposed to change my placeholder to “Employer”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hello there;

Not one but a few small problems

“is pressed” in the condition does not mean when you click that button, it means press and hold

Example here

The “Only when drop_employer is valid and drop_employer isn’t valid” that you created in the “Reset inputs” conflicts within itself, you can never perform a reset.


Yeah, you used set state, but I think you can do what you want if you use it like this.

Keep the default value blank in the item you give “set state”

In your workflow, you already send the value of “employer” to the group.

You should then adjust the condition to

When group contact default is “Employer”
Place holder: Employer

Again the link I shared above has a similar workflow and condition

Good luck with

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I put them in a group and then reset data on the group. Done.


Resetting the group doesn’t work, I’ve tried the whole group, and an individual group just for the dropdown.

I tried to adjust some things after Ambar’s last reply. I think I’m going to make a new page and simplify things to see where I’m going wrong. Everything else resets just fine, just not that drop, even when the placeholder is accurate in the inspect section on preview, the visible box text is still wrong.

Going to test more. On hour 10 lol. But i won’t be deterred.

I started from scratch on a new page yesterday. Very very confusing. It seems like it will only update the placeholder after i select a menu item, then hit reset.

It’s like it needs something manual to reset it’s brain.

No idea yet

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