[Resolved]Change name in data base

I have an object called status in the database and it needs to change every time I press a button on my app, so that you can understand I’ll explain it better.
It is a delivery app and I have to change the status of the race to (accepted, started, completed etc.) but I am not getting it, it seems logical to me but it is not working.!

On the workflow you are changing the Current User. So if you looked under the “ALL USERS” in the database and checked the user’s status you would see it changing there.

If you want it to change the Corridas then you need the change the “Thing to change” in the first workflow to the Corridas, not the user.

I want to change the status of the race to accepted, at the moment it is "calling"

Yeah and the workflow is not changing anything in the “All Corridas” database.

So you want to change the workflow “Thing To change” to like:

Do a search for Corridas: First item
Then you’ll want to make sure only one Corridas will be returned from the search.

Nothing happened