Set status on pageload and change it further with buttonclick


I want to set a status to “status = 1 - viewed” when the initial page of my flow is loaded fully. For that I create a new thing in my Test-DB. This works fine.

But now I have a button on this same page, with which I want to write data to my Test-DB from the URL parameters and also change the status again and then proceed to the next page. The problem I have is that I can’t use the “make changes to a thing” on the flow of the button to get this working. I can’t choose the DB. I have to use “create a new thing” but I don’t want to because I don’t want to change the unique ID (which would generate new with the create a new thing).

Do you have any idea what I do wrong or what might help? Do I need to use the “make a change to thing” “search for” element? I don’t know how to set this up properly.


Hi @stefan.egger

Welcome to Bubble. Yes, Do a search is the way to access what you need in the db.

Hi @JohnMark

Thanks for the hint. How do I set it up properly? Bubble always sets it up as a search for a list, but I only want to the change the attribute “status” from “1 - view” to “2 - interested”. When I do what bubble suggests and change the first item of Test-DB it doesn’t work, when I set up “status = 2 - interested”…
And what’s up with the constraints? How do I use this function?

Thanks for the help