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Resolved: Multi-Checkbox Filter

Hello all!
Im creating an app that helps people find new music. I have a repeating group the shows all music on the site. I have a group of checkboxes each with a type of music genre attached to each. The problem i am having is allowing users to filter the list by more than one checkbox. If only one checkbox is selected then it filters just fine by that genre. how can i make it so it filters by more than one genre? for example, if all checkboxes except “jazz” are selected it would show all genre types except the jazz music.
Thanks in advance!

Ok so after alot of searching and testing i have figured this out. I needed to add the items to a list of genres added to the current user. I also had to create a workflow when each checkbox is changed + when this checkbox is or isnt checked. another thing is that on page load and when current users genres list:count is 0, I needed to auto add the list of genres (this way it only adds if a checkbox hasnt already been unchecked). and finally the most important part is under the repeating group: do a search for songs, the constraint for the genre MUST be “is in” not equals or contains!

you can check out my sample app here if you need to see how i did it

oh and the editable version is called checkbox sorter


Thanks @denverdave11 for sharing your problem and solution. I will be looking into your sample to see how you did it. I think I have a similar problem that could use your solution.

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