Response from Bubble Team

Hi Bubblers, I have sent email to bubble support enquiring about upgrading to Dedicated plan at [email protected] since 9 January but have not received a reply to date.

I followed up with a query regarding the same matter on 14 January 2020 using Bubble’s web form at Also no response to date.

Have any of you guys experience delays like this?

Hi @kaventan1

Not getting an answer from Bubble is an indication that something is not going as expected. :slight_smile:

I will mark @eve to solve the situation.
The dedicated plan is awesome.

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Hello @kaventan1,

Thanks for your post; we’re sorry to hear about this issue! I’ve just checked our correspondence with you, and it does look like our team members have responded to your queries on Jan 9th and Jan 13th, though it does appear that you are not getting our responses. Please do make sure that [email protected] is whitelisted with your email provider, and do feel free to DM me here if you continue having trouble reaching us!

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