Responsive behavior inconsistent among different objects


I have a page set to 1080 wide. Everything inside it set to max size 150%, minimum size 50%. As the page width changes the objects do not grow and shrink consistently. At 1080px width and 1565px width everything aligns as it should. Above and below that there are issues. Below is an image of everything aligning correctly. The colors are only to help identify the group structures.

Does anyone have any idea how to make the blue repeating group and green repeating group consistently Grow/Hide uniformely?

Below is how it looks at various widths.

With Data. Data doesn’t affect RG width.

The big major flaw with your layout is the fact that you have 2 rows of 3… this is making your life hard. I would opt for a 3 row |left|center|right|. Then build out your app inside each column. Doing it that way is less of a headache… especially when you need to stack on smaller screens. You can then control the responsive behaviour of each column accordingly.


If I understand you correctly…It’s not two rows of three, but one big group (purple), with regular RG (orange) inside, and a horizontal RG (green) inside the orange RG. Above the orange RG is a horizontal RG used as a header row for the green HRG below it. Everything is inside the purple group. The blue and green HRG both start and end at the same spots.

The third column from the left really isn’t a column, it’s just the green HRG group doesn’t cover the full width of the orange RG.

Does that make sense?

Sure, understood mate but you’re over complicating your layout. I cannot understand why you cannot simply drop the RG within the |center|column under the blue group. Thus keeping all your content central and inline.

Hi. Sorry, I’m still not following. I no longer have the colors, but below is the editor view. I moved the two HRG all the way over to the right. I don’t understand how I can put the two HRG in the same column/group. They’re two different things. I did try grouping just for the sake of experimenting, but it made no difference.

Will you explain how to do what you’re suggesting? To me this is a very simple layout, it just doesn’t “respond” consistently.

Thanks for your help!