Responsive boxes/groups

Hi Bubble Comunity,

As you can see from the image I have a number of input fields being displayed based on a dropdown selection e.g. select 2 in the dropdown menu it will show 2 rows of input fields. I’m trying to make the grey box in the background responsive so if only 2 fields show then the box is the right size for 2 rows and if I expand it to 15 rows the grey box (can also group if needed) will expand to fit those 15 rows. Can anyone help with this? (I’m pretty sure it has something to do with ‘collapse this element’s hight when hidden’ but can’t work out how to make it work)

Thanks in advance !

your input fields need to be in a repeating group. On the editor set repeating group to be one cell…but also full list

on page need a way for user to add input fields that are connected to a data type they are used for inputting data to

then user can add and delete ( if you set up delete function ) the input fields

In editor the grey group contains the R.G. and will expand as the R.G. expands based on the user adding and deleting inputs

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