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Input field not clickable

Hey, I am brand new to Bubble. I have some inputs in a group, to create a comment style thing. It asks for Name, # of guests, a drop down option and a little comment. In preview, I am unable to click into some of the input fields in the group but can click on the bottom one. After a quick search it seems the answer SHOULD be to bring the input fields to the front. I’ve tried doing that and haven’t had any luck. I’m not really sure how to proceed from here.

Check to make sure that there aren’t any elements (groups) in front of the inputs. You can do this by previewing the page and using the debugger to hover over the inputs and see in the debugger what the element is.

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It’s almost always because some element is layered on top of what you think you are clicking. Some group probably. Happens fairly frequently. eg

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Thank you, the specific example you linked, mentioned that not only did he need to bring the element to the front but had to send the floating header to the back. That was the only item i hadn’t sent to the back. Again, many thanks

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