Responsive Editor Just Whacky Behavior

Hard to explain what is happening as I am not really sure. I am attempting to use the alignment tool in the responsive editor. I want to have a group aligned left, so I click the left aligned icon, nothing really happens, then center align; again nothing really happens. So, I click the right align and again nothing really happens.

In reality something is happening, it is just really whacky behavior. The entire element is getting shifted and aligned…I’ve experienced similar in the past that for some reason all the elements are getting the alignments changed when trying to change just a single elements alignment.

I took a video to demonstrate the strange behavior in hopes bubble would recognize it and find a way to push a fix.

Here is a gif…notice how the grey line at the top representing the current screen size doesn’t move, but the entire element does…what is more it is not consistent…I am baffled.

Anybody experiencing similar issues?

Responsive Editor Bug

Here is a youtube video link

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