Responsive Editor says buttons are in a reusable element

So I am trying to create a responsive page design, and am using the responsive editor area. Half way through, bubble editor started telling me all of the elements on the page are “…in a reusable element, please edit the responsive properties there”

However…they are not in a reusable element!

Anyone else have this issue?

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Bubble has been having loads of bugs recently, you should report it here

Hey there :wave:

Sorry you are having a hard time with the responsiveness settings. They can be a pain sometimes.

Have you worked a lot in the responsive view before? Sometimes overlapping elements can cause things to squish together the wrong way and hide elements underneath other elements.

Here is a quick way to test that out. Make your reusable element have a background. Make sure it’s not transparent. Then check again and see if the button is behind the reusable element or not. If it is, you just need to adjust your responsive settings.

Check out my short videos on responsiveness if you need to here:

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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