Responsive Engine Broken in Reusable Elements Today?


In the responsive engine within a reusable element and it is not working in the least.

Anyone else having this problem?


Nope, not that I can see

Thanks @johnny

Seems to be unique to one reusable element in my app only.

I sent a message to the team and they are going to take a look :slight_smile:

@anon10873777 I raised a bug about this about a month ago. In my case, it happened under these conditions:

  • Working on a reusable element
  • Working in Safari

The bug was fixed within a couple of days. My workaround was to work on the responsive design of the reusable element in Chrome.

Maybe this will help?


I am working in chrome already…

…Ill give Safari a shot and see if that changes it :slight_smile:

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