Responsive tab doesn't show content

Hey guys,
The responsive tab initially shows logged out because of which the content don’t appear but even when I switch it to logged it, the content still doesn’t show up.

Anybody knows how to fix this?

Hi, :wave:t2: sometimes it’s a little tricky.

Try to do a full refresh of your browser (in Chrome PC : ctrl + shift + R or in a Chrome in Mac Command + Shift + R)

Also If you have several tabs opened at the same time or various Bubble editors, would affect the performance (Chrome and Bubble demands an important proportion of your ram).



I can actually see the group but all content within the group is hidden. Dunno what’s wrong with bubble

Umm, can you share more pics? of the responsive tab and the editor?

I was able to temporarily fix it. It’s a pretty stupid fix though.
I noticed that elements with not visible on page load were showing up in responsive tab.

So, I made the group hidden (not visible on page load)
This made the group show on the responsive tab.

Umm , ok, but It should show you the visible groups too.

Have a good day :smiley: