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Question about the new responsive engine

Hi all

I’ve been too afraid to activate the new responsive engine due to all the issues I have seen reported. I am half way through a very complex app and my design is unconventional. I would prefer not to change and keep going as is and keep it that way forever. Is this an option or will I have to make the transition at some point and hence is me changing my design now advisable?

Check out this response from Nick in the main thread…


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Additionally, you can always attempt to start the transition and if you feel it’s too much work, if you click on the deploy tab and select history, you can always revert back to a specific time in history and easily revert all changes, making it very easy to go back if you feel it can’t be done.

I’ve had to use this feature a handful of times so far, especially if I’m 100 changes in on trying to make an existing page work and I realize what the issue was all along, I can simply step back in time and start fresh.

Good luck!


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