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REST API Two different fields


Can anyone help me? I have one field e.g Part Number where a user will enter e.g “SC1100” when this value is entered or a another part number I want the field below to update with the Part Description from the API service I have used.

How can I do this? Part Number entered into textbox one > It will update value of textbox two with the part description following the information from textbox 1

Thank you

You API call is already working?
In what stage of your request you?

My rest call is already working and I have received the JSON.


So fist you will need to create an event in your workflow, that will be triggered when your input’s value have changed. Doing this, every time you enter a part number in your input, you will trigger this workflow…

In this workflow, you need to make your API call to be able to retrieve the answer. You will note that, in the second step of your flow you will be able to get the answer of your call accessing the resulut of the first step .

Store the value that you are looking for in a custom state called e.g. “api_answer”.

Now, dynamicly link your text element to the custom state value.

How do I do a call in the workflow??