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Workflo step with dynamic input to api call using dynamic parm value

–RESOLVED-- by uncheck “private” box where parms are config’d in connector.

version shown in picture where api parms are static works fine . only thing i changed is to try to accept variable price in scenario where text field captures price, then data object has price value in property AND then the api call initialed with variable price gets its value set from the data.price property value.

I expect some dialog to allow me to set the input.price var on the api from the dataItem’s price attribute value . but the dialogs are trying to get me to set conditions??

config for the call(createProduct) in api below: i just want to pass in variables from some other data item to the api input properties ( image, name ) and the workflow dialogs are coming up asking for conditions and not some ref to the source objects whose value needs to pass ( image, name )