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Restaurant booking system

Hello, community!

I would like to create a restaurant booking system with some extra features. I don’t have much experience with building apps, and it looks like I am unable to design the database.

The app should look like a form (multistep or single page).

  • The restaurant has 2 main areas: bar and restaurant. No specific table. Just areas.
  • Each area has a limit, let’s say restaurant: 50 customers, bar 100 customers at a given time.
  • There are recurring events Wine Tasting evert Thursday and Live Cooking every Friday.
  • Events starts at a set time 19:00.
  • You can book either an event or Restaurant/Bar.

So basically how I imagined it:
User selects Date.
User selects number of attendees.
User selects Event(if available) or Bar/Restaurant.
User selects check-in hour.
User submits the request.

I can’t wrap my head around the idea of multi level database structure. How should I manage the limit for each area based on date and time?

Any input is gold at this point.

Thank you!

Hey Ivaioan :v:

I’m not a expert in databases, but i here is how i would tackle the thing.

If any expert can post his opinion on that, I’m happy to learn what could be done better :upside_down_face:

I worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, and your app is certainly doable, but there are a lot of assumptions you may be making.

For example, regarding the restaurant area. Are their tables? Are they all the same? Or do you have a mix of 2-tops, 4-tops, etc? If so, then your app needs to match the party size registering with the available tables, and NOT let a party of 2 register for a table that seats 4, since that is a serious waste.

That’s just one example. But your app should certainly be able to do what you want.

Unfortunately, I can probably handle restaurant-oriented questions better than Bubble-oriented questions, but I’d be glad to help in any way I can.

@ivaioan did you figure it out? :bulb:

Ye, thank you both for your responses <3

Sadly I am going to create something custom.

Thank you again and have a great day!


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