Restore a built-in deleted type (password for Users)

I have removed the password field in my User database because we are making an app that doesn’t require one (for kids, doesn’t need cybersecurity as we’re not showing any data except at sign up).
Anyway, that isn’t my question. I cannot bring the password field back for other users that will manage the app using a separate page of the app. Is there a way to restore a deleted built-in field? :

Showing deleted fields only shows the “Password_” field I tried to make over the built-in one.
Am I doomed?


Hi there, @francis2… I’m not sure what you mean here because you can’t delete a built-in field, and you can’t even see the password field in the User data type to begin with. So, what do you mean by you deleted the password field? I understand that you created your own password field and you have deleted that one, but there is no way you deleted the actual password field because, again, you can’t do that. What makes you think you deleted it? If it’s simply the fact that you can’t see it, that is by design.


This is true. Possibly a poor design choice since they show other built-in fields that also can’t be modified?

I could easily be wrong, but I always thought it had something to do with the fact that you can see the other built-in fields and their data on the App data tab, but you can’t see the password field and its data (which certainly makes sense from a security perspective), so they don’t show that field anywhere.

Agreed, makes sense on the data tab. You are probably right, I bet it has to do with the underlying storage and the way the field would be exposed if they presented it on the Data Type screen. However, I would think they could just put a hard coded value in there which is generally bad to do in most cases but this is a field which presumably is always going to be a part of all apps (past and future)

I remember that the first time I saw the user Data Type it threw me off for a few minutes.

Hello! Thank you very much for the help. It just makes sense that the password field is hidden, hashed and salted. I just forgot it’s existence behind the scenes. My bad!

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