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Built in Password field missing

Hey guys, I’m still very new to and having difficulty setting up my log-in system. The built-in field for ‘password’ seems to be non-existent and doesn’t appear as an option in my workflow, and when checking my database I noticed there wasn’t a password field and tried to create one. When I do this the error ‘The password field are built-in for the user type, you can’t create a field with this name’ appears.
Just trying to set my workflow for ‘log user in’ then when it says password trying to put in ‘Current User’s password’. Is this not how you are meant to do it or is my password field actually missing?

Are you asking how to get the password from the user for logging in?

To log a user in, you need to get the email address and password from the user, using input elements on the page.

Then you just use the input’s values to log the user in.

i.e. for password use Password Input's Value

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Ah yes think I was just being dumb, used Password Input’s Value and it worked, thanks so much!

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