Restoring DB Records To Previous Date And Vice Versa

Hey guys we have a bug we need to check in our app

Can we restore to a previous DB version and restore it back again to the current date/time or to the time where we haven’t restored it yet?

To better paint the picture, here’s what we want to do:

Time before restore: 5pm
Thing’s field’s value: 3

Time to restore: 2pm
Thing’s field’s value: 5

After restoring to 2pm, can we restore back to 5pm where the thing’s field’s value is 3?

I’ve tried this in a test app but I can’t seem to restore back to 5pm. Although it says the restore went successful, the thing’s field’s value doesn’t restore back to 3

I could however, copy the live DB records to the test version, restore the live version to 2pm, and lastly copy the test version DB records to live but I also want to see if its possible to restore back to the current date/time or the “future” of the restored DB records

Would appreciate any insights. Thanks!