Result of step X (schedule api workflow on a list)

I’m hoping that someone can save me some time testing this out.
I am scheduling an api workflow on a list. I need to refer back to these api workflow id’s later if I need to cancel any of these api workflows

The "Schedule API Workflow post on a list is running on the “Popup popup modal’s csPostsToPost” list you can see in step 2. In other other words, both actions are running on the same list.

My question is, how do I know which workflow ID applies to which post? I’m guessing that it’ll run in the same order as the “list to run on” that the api workflow on a list is set to, but I could say that being a rule of thumb, but not something I should rely on.

The way I currently have it set up, it will save the list of workflow ids to each post, which doesn’t help me.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure I’m following but if it’s the same list then reference it in the list to change as such:

If you’re asking about Workflow ID and canceling API workflows why cancel and not just modify it post the API WF running? would make it a lot easier and not have to store the Workflow ID which Bubble makes unnecessarily complicated.