How do I find the Backend Workflow ID?

I need to be able to cancel a backend workflow.
Apparently an ID is generated and in the “Cancel a scheduled API workflow” I need to give it the “Scheduled API ID” but I cannot find how/where to get it.
Assistance will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

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Hi there @marksrunge,

When you schedule a workflow, add another workflow action then you can reference it as “Result of x”

Hi Johnny
Many thanks for your prompt response.
In the screenshots below, I’m scheduling the API workflow (1) based on a list.
(2) is where I schedule it. Do I add the other workflow action after that? And what action is it specifically that I add?
(3) is where I loop until the count+1 stops it. Is this where I should be putting the other workflow action rather than the one above.
Thanks again,

Just to clarify, this is how you grab the scheduled ID:


Step 1: Schedule the workflow
Step 2: You can grab the ID using "Result of Step 1 (Schedule API work…)

It’s the same thing with scheduling in a list.

Hi Johnny
Please excuse my ignorance, the scheduled API is given a list, so when I try to get the results of step 1 I get an error (see below) … expecting a number but list of texts.
How do I get the number?
Thanks again.

Oh… interesting… I guess there is a different behavior for a list of workflows… not sure honestly.

Wait actually, I guess the ids are stored as a list of texts, then when it goes into “Cancel a list of scheduled workflows” it cancels like that? Maybe try that?

This is definitely true. First, IDs are text not numbers. A text list is returning. Because the action “Schedule API WF on a list” schedules a workflow for each list item. This is advantageous for many different use cases.

As it says in the issue shown, you created it in numbers, if you create it in text and turn it into a list, you will not get an error anymore.

Also, I recommend you take a look at this free template. It contains an example of all the actions that come ready with Bubble.

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Many thanks Eren and Johnny.
I’ll definitely look at the template but for the sake of moving forward I’ll just pass a thing and a count and iterate through the things in the backend workflow.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

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