How to find cancel list of schedule API ID's?

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I want to cancel list of some schedule API’s when certain condition is met…
But i don’t know where to find the ID’s of it?

Even in documentation it doesn’t seems clear :slightly_frowning_face: ?

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Hi there, @mdburhan3… I think the video in this post might help. My understanding (I could be off base here, though) is that you have to be storing the IDs of the scheduled workflows in records in your database, and then you would be able to access those IDs and pass them as a list to the cancel action.

Hope this helps.


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Might be better if you could show us the workflow you are trying to cancel with a small video or image? As long as there definitely is a scheduled workflow, it should show from what I know

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There are scheduled workflows & I am trying to cancel these 2 workflows

But it’s not showing anything…
Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 18.19.58

@mikeloc Thanks :+1:

I saw the video & i need to store these ID’s while scheduling using “Result of Step”