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Retrieve data from a group in a reusable element

Is it possible to refer to data stored in a resuable element? For example I have a reusable element which a group contains a text data. If I put that resuable element in a page, how can I retrieve that group text data from a workflow on that same page?

Many thanks

I believe that reusable components are standalone components; they are treated as a separate page even if you place them in a page. So unless the data you need is stored in a dataset or added as a custom state of the reusable or the page, I don’t think you can fetch it with a workflow from outside the reusable.

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Hi Hanan! Thank you for the help, I’ve used the custom state route and it works great!

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You’d have to use a custom state as Hanan suggests. One additional point is to make sure that you store the custom state directly on the main reusable, if you store it on one of it’s elements such as group then you can’t read it from outside the reusable. Same applies if you want to define a custom workflow on the reusable to be called from outside it, it needs to be on the reusable itself not on any of it’s contained elements. Hope that helps.


awesome! glad it helped

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