"Return Data from API" Add functionality to set headers on response

I have tried other ways like using webtasks etc… Too confusing for a non coder.

Without this I have no app. So I hope it can be implemented.

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Can someone please advise me if this is a feature request or a bug?

Simply put… With “Return data from API” You can only Return data in the body of the request, while I need to request it in the Headers.

The X-Hook-Secret is being detected in the headers section

But I can not seem to return it in the Headers. That is the only way to establish the webhook I’m trying to achieve. The X-Hook-Secret should go in the HEADERS. It will not be accepted in the body.

Now where do you think this thread should be? A feature or a bug?

I am no coder but my sense would say, since I found it in the headers section it should be returned in the headers sections as well.

Your advice please and thanks in advance

I thought I’d replied to this, but I guess not.

But no, return data from API cannot be used to return custom headers, not can you control sending of HTTP response codes.

This isn’t a bug, but it is a missing feature.

You might be able to use something like Amazon API Gateway to transform Bubble response into a different response where data you put in the response gets migrated to the header.

I’ve attempted this myself (for different purposes). While it’s quite easy to turn a post into a get (and vice versa) with AAPIG, detecting data in a response and reformatting it (so as to send a different HTTP response code or modify the payload in other ways is actually quite hard as it depends on a really crappy and obscure scripting language that nobody uses really).

So, while we can build our own APIs, at present, they are rather limited in sophistication.

This is a long way of saying, file a formal bug report. But what you’re doing is submitting a feature request.

Thank you Keith for your swift reply.

I was so confused between it being a request or a bug, but your last message made it clear .

I think being a non coder, I got used to apps like Integromat, workato, automate… etc that make it so easy to do custom headers that it felt like the norm :blush:

So is there a way to transfer this thread into a feature request or do a new one. I don’t know if any others would need this feature but might make my case stronger if there are other use cases by other users, although I found no one needing this so far, as I have searched the whole forum. :unamused::thinking:

It doesn’t matter how many people do or don’t need a certain feature. You do. Also, you make a good point about other solutions with that very feature.

Just go submit that:

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