Return Data from API returns Number instead of text?


I’m using the “return data from API” in backend workflows. I also chose to return just text, and what I am trying to return is a random word from my database.

2021-02-13 (4)

However, the output is a number like 11781 and each time I run the workflow, that number increases of +1 .

I do not see any option to extract the actual value I passed into the “return data from API” action.

The documentation isn’t providing any more info.
How am I supposed to use this?

The number you’ve received isn’t the data you are searching for. Is just the API ID. Did you find a way to get the data from the return api data method? I’m also interesting. Cheers


Haven’t found how this is working yet. Not getting any clear answer on this from documentation or staff.


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