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Trying to Build a Quote Tool

Hi All, I am trying to build out a quoting tool for my print shop. There are a lot of fields that need to be narrowed down to deliver the correct price given the variables. I have my database set up so that I can create individual products from the correct variables. What I am looking to do is be able to select paper size, paper type, ink type, and quantity and have it return the correct price.



Hey eric.anthony2010,

In order to display the correct price, you’ll want to use the bubble “Do a search for…” data source. Your search can use the input that the user selects (paper size, paper type, etc…) as its parameters for the search. Once you get that result, you can just use the :first item selector to grab the first result, assuming you’ve set up the data such that there’s only one price per search. If there’s multiple, you can display them in a repeating group with the source set to the above search.

Hope this helps!

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I appreciate your help. I am still stuck on how to use the do a search for and have that display the correct price. I appreciate any help you’ve got. Thanks!

When using the “do a search for” data source, you specify the type of thing you want to search on and the search constraints. In your case, you want to search for "Product Price"s, and you want to set the constraints so that it searches only for Prices with the fields that the user specified. So if the user specified an ink type, make sure that the search constraint is “InkType=Dropdown Ink Type’s value”.

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