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Hi, I am a new bubbler experiencing a problem with reusable elements.
I have created a reusuable icon with a dropdown menu on click. This holds actions (workflows) that I want to use across my app both inside and outside repeatable groups (I am using EnvVariable to communicate between the reusable element and main app pages).

It is working perfectly both inside and outside the repeating group the first time it is clicked and the workflows work. (see next screenshot from within a repeating group).

However - the problem is that if you go to click the same icon again after you have clicked one of the menu items it stops showing the dropdown so there is only one use of the dropdown menu available. The icon works for other cards in the repeating group until it has been used and then it no longer launches the dropdown.

On page reload the problem disappears and the icons that wouldn’t work start working again until you click a menu item and then the problem repeats.

This problem occurs both within and outside of a repeating group (i.e. anywhere the resuable dot icon is placed.) and both in preview and the live deployed app.

Not sure if there is a bug or a I am doing something wrong. Has anyone else experienced this?

I see a group focus …. These show and hide on a click anywhere on the screen. If your reusable is based on it …. Consider changing to a group instead

Hi @cmarchan, yes it is a group focus dropdown menu of actions. I need this to work both within a repeating group and outside/normally on the page. I’m not sure that a normal group would work within a repeating group, that is why I created a reusable focus group as I read on the forum that this was the best approach for use within repeating groups.

It works the first time that an item is selected from the dropdown but if you click an item on the dropdown it won’t appear again when you click on the dots again (unless you reload the page).

It doesn’t make sense to me that the focus dropdown would be a one use only.

Is this a bubble bug or have I done something wrong?

Look forward to your thoughts.

Experiment using the GF without plugins like EnvVar and see how things go. You can send data to a reusable using vanilla Bubble functionality.

Thanks @cmarchan . From memory the problem pre-existed the install of the EnvVariable plugin. To confirm I deleted the plugin and the problem is still there. Unless anyone has any other ideas I think I’ll report it as a bug.

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