Reusable Element Assist

Hello, I am building a single page app and placing reusable elements(RE) holding various navigation sections inside of each RE. 1 RE holds a user profile(name this RE1), another RE holds the news feed ( RE2). Both elements are on the home page.
I have a button inside RE1 to open RE2.

How can I make the button, inside RE1, hide RE1 and then show RE2?

You can use the trigger / antenna plugin or use states and “when a condition is true” to trigger actions.

Could you give me an example of what you mean regarding “when a condition is trie” to trigger the action? Thanks. And I will also look into the plugin.

Paul B.

Best would be to use url parameters.

An example:
Index page has both RE1 and RE2. They are not visible on page load. Conditionally show them when url parameter has a certain value. Let’s say, RE2 is visible when url parameter ‘tab’ = ‘news-feed’. When user clicks on a button in RE1, update the page parameter.

This will make it a more scalable solution and easy to manage.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Animisha,

I went with the Do when conditions are true method. I think I am getting the same scalable effect using custom states and being sure to label the atates correctly. If I run into a situation where I need to send data between the RE’s, I may go with your idea. So thanks for your input!

Much appreciated :+1:t5:

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