Reusable element inside reusable element - new responsive engine

TLDR, why does my reusable element popup cart appear differently when placed inside vs outside another reusable element (see pic below)

So I have just spent 2 days rebuilding my cart (reusable popup element) as I was trying to do the following:

  1. Create a reusable element (RE) built using the new responsive engine (for reasons that are too long to explain here, I had to build this RE using the new engine)
  2. Add my cart to this RE

This caused the cart to not appear visually as it does normally. I assumed this was to do with the fact that I had a non, new responsive engine RE inside a new responsive engine RE. So, I spent 2 days converting the cart to the new engine. Just finished it and added it to the RE and sure enough, it doesn’t look the way its supposed to:

It’s supposed to look like the left image, but comes out looking like the middle image. The third image is the old cart in the new engine RE for comparison.

Also, if it helps, using the inspect tool, I have highlighted the same group in the popup RE. The left is what it should look like and the right is what it does look like when it is nested inside the other new RE. You can see that there is just a bunch of extra white space being added for no apparent reason (at least not apparent to me)

Is this a bug or is there something else I need to consider when building an RE inside another RE when they are built in the new engine?


I figured it out. It was the min height of the new RE. For some reason that was set differently than the RE not nested inside the other RE.