Revert old data when CANCEL button is clicked

Hi bubblers !
I have a FORM for getting USER INPUT. It also has BUTTONS : EDIT, SAVE, CANCEL.

Now, when a USER clicks EDIT & starts making changes to INPUT values, & he realises that the Changes are Not Required, & so clicks CANCEL, then the EDITTED values should REVERT to Original Values that existed before EDITING was done. How to do it in Bubble ?

Are you saving the new values as they make changes? If not, if you’re just using states or the input fields aren’t auto-binding, in theory you could just make sure the cancel button reloads each inputs database value.

^^ the action is Reset relevant inputs @adityasinghal08

If that doesn’t work try resetting the group the inputs are contained in

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got it. Thanks for your advise !

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thank you !

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