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Has anyone tried taking the Fast Track course on by Gaby? If so, how was the course? How many hours long the video course is? I would highly appreciate if my question is answered.

Of the experts in the Bubble community, I think Gaby produces some of the best content. She has a knack for explaining concepts in a way that are easy to grasp and can help at any stage of a Bubbler’s journey (beginner through expert).


I haven’t taken her paid course “yet” but I feel that she’s very good at explaining some pretty interesting tricks and workflows in Bubble. I have commented on her youtube videos asking questions and she reached out and was very helpful.


Fan, follower, paying student here. I started with zero programming knowledge*, got started with a Bubble course from Since then I have been mostly learning from Gaby how to think like a programmer. I have learned something from each of her channels: newsletter, YouTube, ebooks, and courses.

What is your level of “programming” knowledge?

    • except if you tell me that Excel’s VLOOKUP() was programming.

I have taken the course and also the API course.

It is top notch! I regularly jump in if I need a refresher.

Gaby was very responsive, professional and knows very well.

It was well worth the investment and by far the most comprehensive and polished course on Bubble.

Hours I am not sure, but a lot. Send Gaby a private message and she will let you know.


I took the course and highly recommend it for all the reasons already mentioned. And all the additional content she contually provides several times each week adds even greater value.

Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.


Hi Rico,

Thanks for the answer. How was I heard from someone that the courses at are incomplete. Is it true that gives more than 50 hours of content for each course? For the ipo plan, are the courses billed monthly or annually?

Incomplete (or complete for that matter) will be a hard to define.

Brett (that’s his name, no?) is great for the way I learn. He spent zero time explaining the features of Bubble. Just started thinking out loud how he would recreate AirBnB. And that is his strength: get started, iterate, add more features, iterate. The other part I liked a lot is that he constantly thought around validating the idea, marketing, etc… extremely valuable.

If you would like a more designer-centric approach, go for Salar Ali’s Udemy course (

Price wise, I got extremely lucky: CodeFree had a promotion on App Sumo’s mailing list and I got a lifetime membership for a steal.

Thanks Rico! Glad you enjoyed the courses :slight_smile:

@yasinhalim happy to answer any other questions you have about, my email is as well. Since we focus on project-based learning, we have to stop somewhere. Our courses are comprehensive, and end when an MVP is built. Some would like me to keep going until, for example, we have every bell and whistle of Airbnb built, but my philosophy is to push students to launch faster, focusing on getting product/market fit right before bells and whistles.

To answer your other questions, you can see content hours/syllabus info on each course page at, and you can get 20% all monthly billed plans by using the code ‘cfsforbubble’ (just click the rocket icon when checking out)

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Gaby is AWESOME! She knows Bubble very well and has been an incredible help for us, her videos explaining the more complex features (API Workflows) really took my Bubble skills to the next level. Highly recommended!


In my interactions with her, she is rock solid in Bubble. I enjoy her newsletter as well.


Hi Brent.

I sent you an email regarding the problem i had when your system rejected my card. The email was sent before you replied to Rico’s post in the forum.

Please look into this matter as soon as possible.

Brent, I have tried contacting you through several different methods but have had no response. I have started paying for the ondemand course, and have reached lesson 20, but I’m unable to go any further as there are no further lessons available. Can you let me know what is going on please? If I don’t hear back, I will seek to claim my money back

Hey Howard! Just saw your email message from yesterday and am responding now. Thanks for your patience, a bit harder to get a hold of me during weekends.

Thanks! Got a bit worried for a sec there! :grinning:

Brent - I was expecting an email yesterday as per your response above. Please let me know what’s happening.

I’m so glad to have you on board, @yasinhalim ! I know we already spoke over email, but I wanted to respond here in case it helps anyone else out in the future, too. The course (Fast Track) covers 40 different modules, and videos are between 5-20 minutes each. There are also several hours worth on “bonus” content, and any and all lessons can be watched as many times as you want. The course is all about truly learning Bubble to make you more self-sufficient and confident as you build your app (and less likely to have to rely on freelance help later on). I’m always happy to answer questions, so feel free to send a message at anytime.

PS: Thanks for all the kind words from current students! You guys are the best! :raised_hands:

Brent - you still haven’t answered. I have paid for a course and it’s incomplete. Please respond to my query.

Hey Howard, sent you an email yesterday, and I’ll send a DM to confirm.