RG: Data source cannot refer to the same element! (App Level)

I used a repeating group to show the data being fetched via API (GET method), and it’s a list of 10 items. The data is being shown and everything is working fine and as intended. The only problem is that it is showing an error at the app level that “Data source cannot refer to the same element!”

RG issue

I created a state in order to store the API incoming data (see image below) and teh ndisplayed it in a RG:


The RG data source goes something like this, image given below:

Screenshot at 2023-06-06 13-33-34

How do I solve this?


Repeating Groups have a system-defined property that’s a “List of things in this repeating group” - it’s essentially the list of things returned from the RG’s data source.

It looks like you’re using that in RG Suggestion List’s data source, which wouldn’t make sense as it would be referring to itself, hence the error.

I can’t quite see the name of your state in the first screenshot, but shouldn’t your RG data source be referring to that instead?


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