RG does not refresh after creating a new database entry in Airtable


I have a very simple “like” functionality which updates my database but this update does not reflect in my RG.

Users can mark an item in a repeating group (list ALL ITEMS) as a favorite and if they do so I create a new database entry in a list FAVORITES with the item-ID and user-ID.

Since my RG sources the data from the list ALL ITEMS I have a look-up field called “User-ID (from FAVORITES)” in that table. Whenever any item of the list ALL ITEMS contains the current User-ID in that field I know that I need to display the active favorite icon.

Yet, when I create the new entry in the FAVORITES table - even though the entry is successfully created and successfully referenced fractions of a second later in my source table ALL ITEMS, the RG does not update (it does not set the favorite icon to active). Only after I refresh the whole page this change is reflected. Since it works with page refresh I assume the condition on the icon is correct (not a rocket-science anyway).

I read that this issue was reported once as a bug, but not sure if that was ever solved. What am I doing wrong here?

P.S: I am using Airtable as external DB

I found the solution:

  • Create a state (type date) with a name like refreshRG on the RG
  • Reference the state in the data-source of the RG (i.e. Created date < or equal refreshRG
  • Tick the box “Ignore empty constraints” on the RG do make sure to source data when refreshRG is empty
  • When performing a change on a thing (i.e. deleting an item, marking an item as favorite) set refreshRG to current date/time at the end of the workflow
  • Important: Sometimes you need to add a pause (i.e. 1 sec) before triggering the refresh because database operations may still be running at time of refreshing

Challenge: How to set a favorite icon immediately when database needs to be updated

  • Option 1: The favorite icon always reflects the database entry (yes/no). Advantage: Single point of truth but time-lag when marking something as favorite/ removing something from favorites

*Option 2: Set a custom state when clicking on the favorite-icon and refresh the state with the database entry when database operation has been performed. Advantage: Reflected immediately but states are cleared upon page reload. Default state with database-entry needs to be set on page load.