RG not updating on any page other than the page the data is created on

Random issue I have never seen. I am building out an app, and I have a user creation page that I was using to create users. Below it is an RG showing all the users, and it works perfectly, and updates immediately.

On any other pages in the app, (Even an identical copy page), the data does not update unless I reload the page. This issue is on an identical page, other tester pages, and in various reusable elements. I am not using plugins to view this data either.

Any ideas?

Check privacy rules

Thx, but not that. It works when I refresh the page manually.

So bizarrely… another database works just fine… but this same database (no privacy setup yet) doesn’t even update in the database viewer in the back end unless I refresh the environment completely.

Anyone ever seen this before?

Well I deleted two fields in the database that were totally empty and I decided not to use, and all of a sudden it works… Sketchy lol. Will close for now.

So… this is happening again. It’s random it seems. This is seriously the most simple thing you can do, and yet for some reason some of my pages aren’t showing updated data at all, or for a long time. (even the editor’s database tab isn’t showing the new data unless I reload). Refresh does nothing…

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

Literally 10 seconds after posting, I create a new item (no page refreshes or anything), and it all of a sudden pops up my two previous messages and the new one.

Anyone seeing any flaky RG stuff?

Where does the data come from @troy.roberge? It wouldn’t be a backend workflow that uses server side actions, would it?

No. It’s still a design app, the most simple thing possible. A basic form taking a user name, and populating it into a custom type as a text.

On the next page it’s just pulling all names, which is like 70 fake users.

Technically there is nothing wrong and it can’t get simpler. It’s just that it isn’t always working, even the bubble back end. That’s what’s very confusing.

Does anyone else ever have it where the refresh data button on the back end doesn’t work, but data still gets updated on a page?

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