RG Load all items - Making app run super slow

I have an RG on my home page with a list of cases. current list is around 200 line items and growing. I hate having to scroll and then wait for another 3 line items to load so i have set the RG to “load all items” however this seems to be making the system run super slow and filters RG filters super laggy.

Any suggestions so make this run faster or if there is a way to maybe load only 50 lines and then when i scroll through all of these it will load another 50 maybe.

any help appreciated.

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One of the first thing came in mind - pagination ?

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It’s always best to attack the root of the problem if possible. If you are scrolling at a reasonable rate, then you shouldn’t have to wait since Bubble will load a few extra items in anticipation of a user scrolling.

If a RG is loading slowly, culprits may be:

  • Each item is very “data heavy” (specifically images, long text fields or long list fields). Bubble will download everything related to that item, even if only a few fields are shown.
  • You have a filter that is resource intensive and is being executed client-side (like an advanced filter or nested search)
  • You have a third party plugin that is buggy

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