RG only showing last entry

Hi. I’ll try and be to the point:

I have a database with customers, users and documents. In the admin panel I set up customers so I can share documents with them. Each customers can have a number of users. In my admin panel I have successfully set up the documents so each customer can have their own set of documents in a RG and that works fine.

In the customer user RG, i target the user table and set a constraint to only show users that match the pages customer. When I add users to this customer they populate the RG as desired, However when I navigate away/back, the RG shows only the latest created user. ie. only one entry.

So it appears that everythings working except its not pulling all the matching users (to the constraint) when the page is loaded.

Any ideas please. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.

Could you share a screenshot of your RG’s setup. That would be very helpful

Yup, what Nico said, and while you’re at it, you might as well check your privacy rules because, well, privacy rules. :slight_smile:

OMDG!!! Privacy rules! That worked. If it wasn’t four o’clock in the morning I would blast an air horn and crank out the celebration music.!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Mike!.

About three hours of my life yesterday, out the window. Hard lesson learned there. You’re a god in my eyes!