RG only showing the first item

I have an RG with 1 row and 4 columns.
I have 4 rows in my data set.

Only the first of the 4 rows is showing in my RG and it is centered in the RG.




Ive tried changing the RG and text items to fixed width and I have tried resizing them but no luck so far.

Would you be able to show us the data source of the RG, the data in your database, and/or the debugger tool after you “inspect” RepeatingGroup Attraction on the page in run mode?


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Sure thing

list continues to show all 4

I believe you need to change the layout style from fixed number of cells.

I have another, similar RG with 1 row and 4 columns, it works fine with fixed cells

My bad, I read your post wrong.

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