Rich Text Editor performance improvements

Back in January of last year, we released an overhauled Rich Text Editor plugin. Since then, we’ve had over 16,000 apps use the plugin and have used the resulting feedback to prioritize work on the feature.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve pushed an update to the Rich Text Editor that makes parsing text changes up to 100x faster on large blocks of text.

For reference, we benchmarked how long the previous and updated iterations of the plugin take to parse HTML content of various lengths:

17,000 characters: 9,677ms (before), 4ms (after)
68,000 characters: 24,552ms (before), 9ms (after)
110,000 characters: doesn’t finish (before), 17ms (after)

One thing to note is that these benchmarks only reflect the performance of Bubble’s parsing on top of the underlying library, not the end-to-end performance, which is still constrained by considerations such as visual rendering of large blocks of rich text.

In conclusion, it should now be much faster to work with large amounts of content in the Rich Text Editor.

We’re excited to see what you build next!