RichText Input Showing Previous Text When Auto Binding

Hey y’all, having a weird thing happening with my rich text input element (plug in) that I’m using. I have it set up to auto bind. However, whenever I modify the text and click outside of the element for it to auto bind/save, for a brief moment it shows the previous text again, and then shows the changes I made. It looks very glitchy from an end user standpoint (specially for consumers). How would I go about making it not behave this way?

I’ve uploaded a video to demonstrate what’s happening. Any help would be great:

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Does it save the text correctly? I have similar issues.
When I change the thing that populates my fields, the rich text input saves the previous text.
I’m guessing it has to do with autosave and/or focus issues, but either way it’s bad because it throws around all your data.

I actually got it resolved by updating to a more recent version of the rich text editor/input plug in!! i recommend trying that.

which one are you using?

I got this on the last version. I sent a bug report some hours ago.
I could not erase text, or type a new text.

Seems to happen only when Extend to fit is enabled

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This is the latest one:

ah so you’ve verified its not an issue when extend to fit is disabled? that’s frustrating.

autobinding with RTE is a total mess

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Is this fixed already? Or anyone found a workaround?

I cannot replicate the issue even though a few of my users are reporting it.

i just stopped using the rich text input altogether.

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What text editor are you using now? If I may ask. Thanks :slight_smile:

oh its not great, i just went back to the old multi line input haha

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