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Hi Bubblers,

I’m wondering if anyone already created (or tried to) a contextMenu. Meaning the user right click on a div and he gets a floating menu on the cursor with different options (for example in bubble editor when you click on an element)…

As many of us a developing webapp, I think that would be useful in terms of UI/UX to have something like that. Have you already face this need? And, In terms of plugin development , I don’t know how complex it would be ?


I just added detect context menu (right click) in the detection zone that fires an event “Context Menu Opened”, but I also added a checkbox in the elements properties to prevent the default contextmenu allowing you to show your own elements as the menu.

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Okay…That’s mean that I can create a detection zone in every element I want a contextual menu (and I can use a focus/floating group as contextual menu for example), am I right?

For a concrete example.

Let say I’m building something like trello. I got different boards. I want to right click on a board, get a contextual menu where I can delete/archive/duplicate this board.

With your plugin, I need to create a detection zone around every board (in the RG cell for example) and trigger show the focus/floating group used as a contextual menu ?

Thats right,

I was going to add the RG (individual cell) method but i just dont have the time tonight, I will add that tomorrow - But to answer the question yes, you can drop an element down in different locations. this is cool for things like say 9 of them on the background, by mapping the mouse being detected you can make your entire site be not just preparing relevant resources to reduce loading but also provide more relevant content as you know the prior task/location and where the using is heading now - like the half bump of a menu button so they are aware of where to travel should they need to use it.


Thanks for the explanation @jarrad

Last thing, if I take the example of Trello where, with the contextual menu, I want to delete the board I right-clicked on. It means that my detection zone should also be as type “board” and get the data of the thing “board” of the element I right clicked on.

Is it already possible ?

If current board is group A’s board for example & Detection Zone A’s Detection Zone is fired then you can reference current group a’s board as you know its the group detection zone A is in?

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Okay. I’ll give a try with the plugin when I got time!

@jarrad which of your plugins has this mate?

This is the Detection Zone Plugin

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how to find this plugin
“the Detection Zone Plugin”
I cannot find anywhere .

Maybe this one will cut it?