Round 3 of fun new features

@allenyang is the hackathon open to outsiders or is this done at bubble HQ?

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This is just an internal hackathon, since it involves changing Bubble platform code


awwww @allenyang that’s a shame, I’m sure some of us could add some real weight into the mix here.

And I didn’t even know I need #5 but it’s coming in quite handy today. Thanks @jonah!


Agreed. Some nice to haves…but nothing there to fix some of the major daily headaches of using Bubble’s editor.

Have been building something in Glide today. Frustratingly limited in places but … At least the editor works all the time.

If the bubble Devs spent as much time using the bubble editor as they do using their code editors they might have a different view.


New features #13, 14 and 15 deployed and added to the original post!


From a UX perspective, thank you for the glide push (no bounce). Beats big ‘fast’ in/out transition in a heart beat.


Would be grand to squeeze in partial cell loading for the next hackathon round, like this:


Side scrolling has become a very popular UX paradigm. It’s currently achievable on Bubble albeit with the aid of code (specially on Desktop).



Oh I missed this update (so many atm).

This is very much achievable in bubble without using any code. Check out this below thread for some screenshots of my setup and if you’d like to see it in action

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Feature suggestion:

Allow these animations in the show / hide section of a group in property editor.

While these may not be directly applicable with display: block / none approach, this can probably be simulated by hooking a simple workflow behind the scenes instead of having the users to create a workflow step to animate for show & for hide. Have found having to set workflows for animations to be a significantly limiting factor for users to build apps with great UX.


Nice website! Love the illustrations.

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New features #16 and 17 added to the original post!


Awesome. Can we squeeze into this round a way to add items to a list that accepts duplicates? :Plus Item is a real stiffler!!

It’s a common and popular request:


Fantastic news on No 16!

Hi @allenyang great news, :pray:Bubble team!

i don’t know if it someone already did request it but managing pictures files is not very convenient atm, especially to see the picture size after uploading it. Have to click “See” then download it, and each one manually.

Another field “file size” for photos would be great. And a way to search & display all of them in a same view would be great !

I posted this in another chat, but was wondering whether a feature for repeating groups with fixed header(kinda like an excel table).

Added features #18 and 19 to original post!


I tried using “2020/07/01”, “01-07-2020”, “01 Jul 2020”. None of these worked. Maybe instead of writing “Most human-readable formats can be parsed” in the documentation, better to give some examples of what formats work for us non human robot folks?

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Any chance Bubble could do another one of these “hackathon days” to take a bite out of the long list of requests on the ideaboard?

I think the last one was over a year ago and it was impressive how much the Bubble team was able to get through in a day. Many of these small requested features can have big “quality of life” impacts for us :slightly_smiling_face: