"Rules that use "This Things's X's Y" can't grant search access right now"

I’m seeing this message in my privacy tab under a rule.

Rules that use “This Things’s X’s Y” can’t grant search access right now

First question, why this restriction? Has it always been there? Are we expecting it to go away soon?

Second question, how can I get around it? I have items which are tied to users indirectly-- in other words I need to make my condition:

This Thing’s X’s User is Current User

But with this restriction I can’t. Is there an alternate syntax that could be used to accomplish the same goal?

Hi there, @brenton.strine… yes, that restriction has always been there, and I would be very surprised if it goes away any time soon. The way to get around it is simply to remove the degree of separation between the data types. Yup, that kind of stinks because you will likely have to save something in a data type that you didn’t really want to save, but it is what it is, and again, it’s been that way forever.


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Thanks Mike.

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