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Running a workflow step-by-step gives different results compared to normally

So i have a workflow that i’m testing and ive run it both normally and step by step to confirm all actions. I haven’t changed anything in the workflow, yet it seems to give a different result when i run it slowly.

Anyone experienced this?

This is because workflows are run asynchronously - basically they don’t just go in the steps you’ve got them in the workflow, they fire all at once (in general). So sometimes if you create a new thing and then need some of that data to modify another thing it won’t work unless you force the steps to happen in the right order as there isn’t anything created at the same time the modify workflow fires.

Some ways to force it to happen in the order you would like if steps are dependent on each other:

  1. Use ‘as a result of step X’, this means that step will only fire after step X
  2. Add pauses between actions (works for element actions not data actions)
  3. Create custom workflows and trigger or schedule them - sometimes even just a 2-5 second delay allows for the previous steps to have finished
  4. Create backend workflows and schedule them - this is a better option if you are doing things with data as it can finish off in the background without creating delays in the frontend for the user.

Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: