Work in run-by-step but does not work in normal mode

Hey guys!

Have a problem with the workflow. I have few custom states in the workflow (I am using this to later disable the inputs) but it does not work in “normal” mode. BUT everything is working fine in “Run-by-step” mode.

I have the same workflow on the same page with the same amount of the states and it works fine.

Spent a quite a lot of time but still it does not work:(

What is the solution to this problem?

Hey @brendangopay,

Sounds like you have some workflow actions that have critical timing, so when you slow things down and run them step-by-step it all works, but in normal mode everything will run much faster and the actions conflict with each other. I’d suggest posting some screenshots of that workflow so we can see all the actions involved. Along with that, let us know what exactly are you trying to achieve and what about that process is not working.

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